When it comes to pricing, Red Pony offers clients complete transparency.

Capped time and materials model

While we offer a number of different pricing models depending on your requirements, our preferred model is a ‘capped time and materials’ quote. This means we set an upper limit on the job from the outset, showing the maximum amount of time we expect the job to take. We keep a record of previous projects to help us give accurate estimates.

If the job comes in under this estimate, you only pay for the time taken to complete the work. Your invoice will include a comprehensive timesheet showing a breakdown of each project component and the consultant responsible for this work.

If the job looks likely to exceed the initial estimate (e.g. the project scope changes), we will contact you well in advance and discuss how you wish to proceed.

Other pricing models

We can use other pricing models if required, such as working to a specific budget, or giving a fixed-price quote. However, in our experience, any supplier offering a fixed price will build all possible contingencies into the quote, so the client often ends up paying more than they should.

Our preferred model provides transparency and allows the client to remain in control of the job. In the long run, we think this approach will encourage you to choose Red Pony for subsequent projects.


Based on our initial consultation with you, Red Pony will develop a Project Brief that captures the essential details of your project. This document forms part of our capped time and materials quote, which we will usually deliver to you within 24 hours. Our quote specifies the project deliverables (subject to your approval) and puts you in control of the project from the beginning.