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Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

Project Brief

Proofread the 2011 Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO).


The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) operates the energy markets and systems and also delivers planning advice in eastern and south-eastern Australia. Each year it issues the Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO) to provide information about the current state of the gas industry.

Following previous collaborations between our organisations, AEMO engaged Red Pony to edit the 2011 Gas Statement of Opportunities.

Red Pony applied AEMO’s complex style requirements to bring conformity and consistency to a large document that had been written and reviewed by a number of subject matter experts. Furthermore, through discussion with AEMO, we helped establish consistency with a number of usages unique to this document.

AEMO understood the value in outsourcing the final editing and proofreading to an external organisation able to apply a consistent and impartial style. The organisation recognised that internal contributors were not necessarily in the best position to detect errors and omissions in writing with which they had perhaps become over-familiar.

As the deadline for publication grew tighter, Red Pony responded as necessary to ensure all documentation was edited and returned to AEMO in time to meet the immovable release schedule.

You can find the 2011 GSOO on the AEMO website:


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