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Project Brief

Prepare a bid for the Australian Small Business Advisory Services Programme.


Botany Bay Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) is one of 150 community-based, non- profit BECs operating across Australia. It advises micro- and small businesses in the southern Sydney region on business planning and management, marketing, budgeting and cash flow.

Botany Bay BEC wished to bid for funding under the Australian Government’s Small Business Advisory Services Programme (ASBAS). It was competing with dozens of other candidates for Commonwealth support for its next three years of operations.

Red Pony prepared a project plan to manage the process of preparing the bid, using the detailed and lengthy documentation required by the Commonwealth Government.

Firstly, Red Pony set up user accounts on the Basecamp online project collaboration application to exchange files and messages securely, and monitor project milestones.

We then collated the initial material supplied by the client to develop a first draft of the submission. We rewrote and edited the content to create suitable responses to each requirement, and identified gaps or areas for further input.

Throughout the process the Red Pony consultant liaised with the various representatives from Botany Bay BEC, including board members and the executive. As the deadline for submissions grew closer, we refined the application further, presenting a compelling case as to how the BEC would use the funding to provide professional and accessible business advisory and information services to small businesses in the region.

The bid was a complete success, with Botany Bay BEC being granted the full $300,000 it had sought, ensuring its viability for the next triennium.

This bid was enormously important to our organisation. Red Pony’s collaboration was crucial in securing the funding we needed for the next three years.
– Marcus Dwyer, Executive Officer, Botany Bay Business Enterprise Centre


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