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Project Brief

Create, edit and update content for the Better Health Channel website.


The Better Health Channel (BHC), managed by the Victorian Department of Health, provides health and medical information that is quality assured, reliable, up to date and easy to understand. It is one of Australia’s most popular health and medical websites, with over a million unique visitors each month.

BHC was established in 1999. Its extensive content continues to grow, and requires constant updating to ensure that health information provided to the community is current and accurate.

In August 2012 the Department contracted Red Pony to provide specialist and generalist writing and editing, social media content development, proofreading, marketing consulting, information architecture design and project management services.

Red Pony set up systems to manage the daily transfer of old, updated and new content between the Department, Red Pony and its project partners and contractors. We created checklists and processes, and reviewed the Department’s existing style guide, to ensure quality control at all stages. Red Pony partnered with specialist health and biosciences writers and editors (such as ScribblersInc) and social media strategists.

Over a 12-month period, Red Pony reviewed, amalgamated or migrated 731 fact sheets on medical conditions and treatments (approximately 43 per cent of BHC content) and produced 209 new items on topics such as healthy eating and complementary therapies. We also produced 810 social media posts.

Red Pony’s combination of streamlined management processes, in-house writing and editing expertise, and partnerships with external specialists helped ensure that the BHC continues to provide accurate health, wellbeing and medical information.

You can find the Better Health Channel at


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