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Department of Sustainability and Environment (now DELWP)

Project Brief

Provide proposal writing and editorial services to assist in the development of an Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) submission to upgrade bridges in parks and reserves.


The road and bridge network on public land is vital to ensuring access to forested areas for fire-fighting and emergency response, and to protect water catchments.

DSE employed Red Pony to help develop a business case to support its bid for additional Treasury funding to upgrade these structures.

Red Pony assisted in bringing together the significant amount of data generated for the submission and then designed a clear and logical structure for the document.

As part of the consultancy, Red Pony reviewed the final submission to ensure the business case was not only clear and concise, but that it also met the stringent requirements of the ERC process.

The Victorian Government allocated $60 million in the 2008 Budget to upgrade bridges on public land.

The DSE now uses this document as a template encapsulating best practice for business cases to be developed as part of the ERC submission process.

Red Pony has a proud history of working in the environmental sector and has been engaged previously by DSE to work on a number of high profile projects, including the Department’s out-of-the-box community engagement training.


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