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Macquarie Business Centre

Project Brief

Provide editorial services and a submission management process to enable MBC to produce a number of business-critical tenders in quick succession.


Macquarie Business Centre is a rapidly growing recruitment and labour placement agency operating in the health, indigenous and general employment sectors on the NSW mid-coast.

When MBC faced a rush of tender submission deadlines over a very short period, including tendering for contracts where they were the incumbent supplier, the organisation turned to Red Pony for assistance.

We began by establishing a project plan for each tender where we captured important details such as submission requirements, deadlines and the win themes to be highlighted in each response. We also documented the components of each tender so responsibility for providing the required information could be assigned and progress tracked.

Next, we created a ‘master’ response template for each tender and incorporated initial content describing MBC’s experience and business processes.

We then worked closely with MBC to refine responses to each requirement of the RFT, making sure the copy was accurate, relevant and clearly conveyed MBC’s proposed approach and competitive advantages.

The final stages involved an editorial review of each tender to provide each document with a final ‘polish’ as we made steady progress towards the respective deadlines.

Red Pony’s well-established systems and processes aided in the coordination of the response materials and ensured that MBC was in a position to submit a compelling case for each invitation to tender, securing further work and contributing to the future growth of the business.

Red Pony’s service is excellent and truly reflects their expertise and experience. I highly recommend them.
— Susan Rupert, Director, Macquarie Business Centre


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