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Mission Australia

Project Brief

Write copy for brochures and other marketing materials promoting the Urban Renewal Employment Enterprise Program and targeting various market sectors.


The Urban Renewal Employment Enterprise Program (UREEP) is a Mission Australia initiative providing fixed-term transitional employment for local disadvantaged individuals.

Mission Australia engaged Red Pony to produce copy for a number of documents promoting the program to various target audiences, including:

  • potential participants
  • potential corporate sponsors
  • potential clients
  • Mission Australia staff
  • other agencies.

Red Pony’s consultant worked with the program manager to identify the format and most important messages for each document. From this, Red Pony was able to produce copy for a number of documents including a fact sheet, corporate brochure and advertising flier.

Each document required a slightly different focus and tone, while still reflecting a unified approach and a consistent corporate style.

Ultimately, the brochures had to communicate the unique nature of a program that assists people to rejoin the workforce through a genuinely viable commercial enterprise backed by one of the nation’s leading charities and community service organisations.


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