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Project Brief

Create an MS Word template with customised styles and formatting for Actuate IP Group and then train staff to use this functionality effectively.


Actuate IP Group is a boutique law firm specialising in patents, trade marks and intellectual property.

As an organisation producing a number of standard documents for clients, associates and prospects, Actuate IP Group wanted to develop a robust repository of templates that could be easily customised while retaining a consistent corporate look and style.

In the first phase of the project, Red Pony undertook a review of Actuate IP Group’s existing documents. From this review, Red Pony was able to develop a base template with styles and formatting for all permutations and requirements.

This included a range of text styles, heading levels, numbered and bulleted lists and numbered paragraphs in the standard legal style.

Red Pony then assisted Actuate IP Group to produce a range of customised templates, including standard client letters, patent, copyright and trade mark advice and other common documents.

These templates were then uploaded to the company server to enable Actuate IP Group lawyers, attorneys and administrative staff to access and customise documents for a variety of audiences.

In the second phase of the project, Red Pony provided onsite training to Actuate IP Group staff covering the use of the formatting palette, creating and modifying document styles, and importing styles from other templates. Red Pony also provided Actuate IP Group with a comprehensive user manual covering all training topics for easy reference.

Previously time was spent manually formatting documents, now all staff need to do is to select the appropriate template—a development that has undoubtedly improved overall productivity.
— Colin Cheung, Director, Actuate IP


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