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Climate Change Authority

Project Brief

Create a suite of Microsoft Office templates and accompanying user manual.


The Climate Change Authority (CCA) is an independent statutory authority, established under the Climate Change Authority Act 2011 (Cwlth) to provide expert advice on Australian climate change policy.

The CCA regularly publishes major reports and reviews on matters relating to climate change, such as government policy, economic implications and emissions reduction technologies. Red Pony designed a Microsoft Word report template containing a full set of formatting styles (heading hierarchy, body text, tables, bullet lists, numbered lists, figure captions, headers and footers, table of contents and appendices).

This invaluable tool ensures a consistently high standard of presentation, and compliance with the CCA’s branding, achieved at minimal cost and without the need to commission a graphic designer to lay out each report. The final document can be published online as a PDF, or in hard copy.

The in-house Microsoft Word template delivers consistent and uniformly formatted correspondence and other internal documents. The PowerPoint template ensures that all presentations follow the CCA’s branding, and are legible and visually engaging.

The templates are protected to limit format changes to the permitted list of styles contained in the template, preventing users from accidentally copying across styles and formatting from other documents.

Instructions in the template are formatted as hidden text so that they do not appear in the final version of the document. Red Pony also prepared a customised template user manual.

Reports produced with the Red Pony templates can be seen on the CCA website.


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