Web writing | OCIO


Office of the Chief Information Officer (Government of South Australia)

Project Brief

Re-write the Service Delivery Group’s intranet content from a customer perspective and produce a version suitable for a marketing brochure.


The OCIO is responsible for the development of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) vision and strategic plan for the Government of South Australia.

As part of their current reform program, the OCIO’s Service Delivery Group (SDG) wanted to re-define their services so non-technical staff could clearly understand their business value and easily access the solutions they required.

Red Pony reviewed the existing intranet content and recommended a new structure. This allowed users to search data based on their specific requirements, and also provided a ‘service-based’ approach essential for business decision-makers requiring a more complete picture of SDG’s suite of services.

Red Pony’s copywriter then rewrote the existing material in ‘plain English’, with an eye to highlighting specific business needs and using simple, consistent terminology.

Given the long-established bespoke terminology employed to date, the copywriter and SDG’s subject matter experts dug deep to reveal the elusive ‘personality’ of the ubiquitous systems, networks and technologies that are—after all—fundamental to nearly every business activity.

Having successfully transformed the online content to reflect the calm efficiency of SDG, the marketing brochure practically wrote itself.

The freshly written content employed a distinctly confident and engaging tone to help convey SDG’s role as the competent cornerstone of a smooth-functioning business environment.