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Ombudsman Victoria

Project Brief

Proofread the annual report of Ombudsman Victoria, correcting all errors and identifying any inconsistent or unclear passages.


Red Pony was engaged by Ombudsman Victoria to proofread the annual report 2008–09.

As the content of the report was highly confidential prior to its submission to Parliament, Red Pony’s consultants were required to undergo police checks and meet stringent security requirements.

Red Pony proofread the annual report in hard copy and provided a marked-up version of the document to the OV desktop designer responsible for implementing the changes.

The tight production schedule required Red Pony to manage our resources during the small window available to complete the project.

We were still able to implement a thorough cross-checking regime to maximise accuracy and efficiency.

We delivered a comprehensively proofread document with clearly marked changes to be implemented within the final version of the report. We also presented a number of suggestions to the Ombudsman to improve clarity in crucial sections of the report.

Red Pony comfortably met the tight deadline set by the Ombudsman in order for the report to be submitted to the Victorian Parliament the following week.

The report was released on September 16 2009 and was the subject of intense media coverage.


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