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Leading the reading: wayfinding in document design

‘Wayfinding refers to information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space.’ Wayfinding is especially important in complex built environments such as airports, hospitals and universities. While you’ve probably noticed the more obvious examples of wayfinding – maps and signs – you may have been gently […]

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Making accessible Word documents

No clear thinking organisation would deliberately exclude potential clients or customers. Yet if you aren’t providing your audience with accessible Word documents, you may be doing exactly that. For some organisations, particularly government bodies, making their information accessible is a legislative requirement. Even when it’s not, there’s significant risk of reputation damage in failing to […]

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Applying styles in Microsoft Word

Way back in issue #2 of the Red Pony Express, we wrote about the advantages of using Microsoft Word templates to improve the presentation and usability of your written materials. However, there’s not much use in having a suite of nicely formatted templates if no one actually knows how to use them. Often when we […]

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Managing cross-platform reliability

As you may (or may not) be aware, Red Pony runs a Macintosh office. While this makes for an agreeable and elegant technological environment, we often require access to the Microsoft platform so we can be 100{ff6ca7b474dd05553048b910a34e7fba34d80f8847cae3051262c18ce766eaf5} compatible with clients’ office environments. In the current issue of Macworld magazine, Red Pony Principal Consultant Peter Riches […]

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Large document, looming deadline: a 4-step survival guide

Ever been charged with the responsibility of producing a large, business-critical document within a seemingly impossible deadline? Perhaps it was a tender or a client proposal, a project brief or even the annual report? When faced with a daunting task such as this, it can be tempting to run for the hills, or at least […]

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