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Four writing styles and when to use them

If you were to read the instructions for operating a nuclear reactor, you would expect it to be written very differently to a novel about a nuclear accident, or a newspaper editorial about the merits (or otherwise) of nuclear power. Broadly speaking, there are four different styles of writing: expository, descriptive, persuasive and narrative. The […]

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Are you tender-ready?

If you’ve ever responded to a request for tender (or RFT), you will know just how arduous the process can be. While the rewards for a successful submission are significant, the job of responding to a long list of complex requirements within a short timeframe puts many off before they start. In my experience, organisations […]

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The ‘what, how, where’ of tender writing

Last month I was invited to present at a Tender Management Roadshow in Adelaide run by the Tonkin Corporation. In my talk I spoke about the tools and processes we use at Red Pony to help our clients produce compelling and often successful tenders. One point that seemed to be of particular interest to participants was […]

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Large document, looming deadline: a 4-step survival guide

Ever been charged with the responsibility of producing a large, business-critical document within a seemingly impossible deadline? Perhaps it was a tender or a client proposal, a project brief or even the annual report? When faced with a daunting task such as this, it can be tempting to run for the hills, or at least […]

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Writing a tender and living to tell the tale (part one)

Tenders present a terrific opportunity to win lucrative new business. They may also require a significant investment of your time and resources, with no guarantee of a successful outcome. The Victorian Government recently compensated the unsuccessful of the two bidders for the desalination plant construction contract. The payment was in recognition of the size and […]

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