Having a professional editor review your writing can identify and eliminate potentially embarrassing errors. A skilled editor can also help to crystallise your message without compromising meaning.

Red Pony editors are experts at improving overall readability without compromising the original style or intent. We understand the importance of retaining the authentic voice of the original author.


Copyediting involves identifying possible improvements to sentence structure and basic expression, as well as correcting spelling and grammatical errors. Our copyediting services will result in a better style and structure, while helping to crystallise your message and eliminate errors. [Read more]

Structural editing

Structural editing involves significant changes to improve the logic and narrative flow of the document without compromising the style or intent. A more substantial review of the material can identify improvements to the overall arrangement of information, even alternatives for creating separate documents for different audiences. [Read more]


Spelling mistakes, typographical errors and inconsistencies will alienate your readership and reduce the clarity of your message. Before going to print or uploading content online, it is always advisable to have someone proofread your copy. [Read more]