The copyeditor’s job is to make your text clear, correct, concise, comprehensible and consistent. This usually involves correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar, checking terminology and jargon, and following the appropriate style guide.

Copyediting is often the single most important thing you can do to improve the quality of a text.

Our editors are experienced in reviewing all types of corporate, government and educational communications. We can bring consistency of style and tone to any document or spoken presentation, particularly one that has been written by multiple contributors.

Our copyediting services will result in a better style and structure, while helping to crystallise your message and eliminate errors.

Professional advice from experienced editors

Do you have an important document that needs reviewing and you don’t know where to start?

We can advise you on the extent of changes and whether copyediting or a more comprehensive structural edit is required.

For a copyedit, we will undertake a detailed review of your document, correcting:

  • spelling and grammar
  • punctuation
  • appropriateness of language
  • consistency of terminology and style
  • clarity
  • overall presentation.

Red Pony employs editors with a range of skills and specialisations to ensure we make the best match with your project. We understand the different requirements of online and printed forms, and spoken delivery, and will help to craft your text accordingly.

Where appropriate, we will provide a style sheet that notes all word forms, abbreviations and other conventions unique to the document.

Maintaining the author’s ‘voice’

Red Pony editors are experts at improving overall readability without compromising the original style or intent. We understand the importance of retaining the authentic voice of the original author.

By employing ‘track changes’ for suggestions or modifications and by inserting editorial comments, we explain the reasons behind our recommendations and empower the client to retain ownership of the material.

Taking the pain out of the process

We go to great lengths to ensure that working with Red Pony is easy. Our ‘capped time and materials’ quotes offer clients complete transparency of project costs.

Our online project collaboration tool lets us exchange files securely while maintaining version control, as well as providing a forum for all project communications.

The final format of your edited document is up to you. We can provide recommended changes in Microsoft Word using the ‘track changes’ function, as an Adobe PDF file using the built-in editing tools, or in hard copy using standard proofreading marks.

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