Structural editing

Structural editing (also known as substantive editing) involves improvements to the flow and narrative logic of a document.  A structural edit will identify and remove unnecessary repetitions as well as contradictions, ambiguities and redundancies from a text.

Structural editing is similar to copyediting but, as the name suggests, involves a more wide-ranging review of the content to make fundamental changes to the overall structure.

Informed, impartial editing advice

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether your document is serving its purpose, or missing the mark altogether. Sometimes what you need is informed, impartial advice – not only to identify potential problems, but to suggest practical solutions.

We can review your document and advise you on the extent of editing required. In the case of structural edits, we not only provide suggested structural modifications, but also a rationale to help you decide whether you wish to implement these changes.

For a structural edit, we will undertake a detailed review of your document to identify and remedy any issues with:

  • narrative flow
  • heading hierarchy
  • appropriateness of language
  • relevance of content
  • overall format and presentation.

Red Pony employs editors with a range of skills and specialisations to ensure we make the best match with your project.

Editor’s report

We understand that it can be hard to be objective when you’re the one responsible for the words on the page. An editor’s report is the perfect option for clients who want to get a second opinion or who are not sure what is the best approach to take when reviewing a document or suite of documents.

A Red Pony editor’s report provides a comprehensive set of recommendations for improving the language, style, structure, format and layout from an independent communications professional.

Taking the pain out of the process

We go to great lengths to ensure that working with Red Pony is easy. Our ‘capped time and materials’ quotes offer clients complete transparency of project costs. Our editor’s reports provide you with a range of suggestions for improving the document, as well as a breakdown of the costs involved to implement these changes.

We provide structural edits with recommended changes in Microsoft Word format using the ‘track changes’ function for easy review and implementation.

Our online project collaboration tool lets us exchange files securely while maintaining version control, as well as providing a forum for all project communications.

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