Is your website losing you business?

Australian coinsOne of your first tasks when setting up a new business is to establish a website. Your internet presence is indispensible for advertising your products or services to the world. But what if your website is doing more harm than good?

When I started working in web development back in 1997, my job involved working with the client to draft the copy for each page of their new website. This text was then given to the developer who would incorporate it into the final design.

This was before WordPress or Joomla, when websites were usually built manually using HTML coding software such as Dreamweaver. Tools enabling non-technical users to publish their own web content simply didn’t exist.

Today you can create a site from scratch and be publishing in no time at all. Social media tools like FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, in addition to email newsletters and blog posts make it possible to connect with your audience instantly. So what could be wrong with that?

Nothing at all – so long as you take as much care with what you write as you would in any other aspect of your business. Think of how you might approach writing a client report, a new advertising campaign, or a corporate brochure. Would you carefully review the text and make sure it had been thoroughly proofread before sharing it with the world? Your website copy should be no different.

As Andrew demonstrated in ‘Grammar at work’ in October’s issue of the Red Pony Express, people do take note when something is badly written, contains spelling mistakes or employs poor grammar. And they will judge you for it.

Your reputation is important, so make sure your website reflects the same level of quality and professionalism as the rest of your work.

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