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Projecting your corporate image through every print and online document you produce is crucial to leaving a lasting impression of professionalism and quality service on current and potential clients.

Many organisations go to considerable trouble and expense to commission corporate logos, style guides, stationery and other branding tools. Yet they often neglect an equally important aspect of image and marketing: clarity, elegance and consistency in the presentation of written communications.

The template functionality built into Microsoft Word can help you fix this problem. Templates can include both content (such as corporate logos, contact details, and page headers and footers) and styles (such as fonts, headings and bullet lists), depending on your requirements.

By creating Microsoft Word templates for common documents and by defining a set of text styles, organisations can quickly and easily produce documentation consistent with their corporate brand.

Unfortunately, many people simply don’t know how to make the most of these features in Microsoft Word. They waste time formatting documents manually, which is not only repetitious, but also creates more opportunities for error.

Our Microsoft Word template development and training services can save your organisation time and money by giving your staff the tools and skills to make the most of this ubiquitous business tool.

Speeding up delivery

A solid template design will streamline any future graphic design or printing processes you undertake. In many cases, a Microsoft Word document based on a well-designed template can go straight to PDF and print, without the need to lay out using InDesign or other graphic design software.

This expedited process also lets you make changes to documents right up to the last moment, at little or no cost. It gives you greater control over the final content and ensures that you always retain the latest version. This has great advantages when re-purposing content for the web or creating updated versions in the future.

If you do engage a graphic designer to help you create an impressive final product, providing correctly styled Microsoft Word files will save the designer considerable time in laying out the document. Formatting such as heading styles, bullet lists, bolding and italics will carry over automatically into InDesign and other systems, allowing less room for human error, fewer rounds of authors’ corrections and easier proofreading. All of this saves you time and money and gives you confidence in the quality of the final product.

Even complex forms, whether for electronic (PDF) or hard copy use, can be created using Microsoft Word templates. Sophisticated features such as multiple-choice lists, yes/no tick boxes, radio buttons, hyperlinks and electronic signatures can all be incorporated.

Future advantages

Investing in setting up templates will bring you both short- and long-term benefits. As well as using the templates as the basis of all new documents, you can apply them to existing files to give them a fresh appearance. As your corporate branding evolves over time, you can quickly and easily update your templates to incorporate new logos, fonts, headers and footers, contact details and text styles.

Hardware and software updates are readily accommodated and, if needed, Red Pony can help you update your templates so that they work smoothly on a new platform or software version.

Transparent development process

Red Pony has developed a simple, transparent process for producing customised templates according to each client’s requirements.

First, we identify and document the range of styles and formatting for each template. Then we develop a specification based on the client brief. Only when the client has approved this specification do we begin creating the templates.

The templates are tested on different platforms (Windows and Mac) and tailored for the designated version of Microsoft Word before being sent to the client for final approval.

Complete template suite

Red Pony can produce a range of customised templates including:

  • annual reports
  • business proposals
  • legal contracts (including numbering of clauses)
  • letterhead and fax cover sheets
  • forms (print and PDF)
  • marketing materials
  • tenders.

We can provide custom user guides and train your staff to help them use the styles and formatting functionality of Microsoft Word, including how to create new templates and text styles.

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