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Red Pony understands the tender process and what is required to produce a winning submission. We have helped clients from diverse industry sectors generate millions of dollars in revenue through successful tenders.

For organisations seeking to win new work or retain an existing contract, the competitive tender process can be daunting. If not approached strategically, it can result in wasted time and money.

Experience combined with a best-practice approach

We take our clients step-by-step through the process of developing a strongly argued and compliant submission. We analyse the tender requirements, the needs of the issuing agency, how our client can best meet those requirements, as well as the strengths and weakness of the potential competition.

Our success lies in our ability to combine a wealth of experience in producing compelling business documentation with mature tools and systems that streamline the tendering process.

A partnership for success

We work in partnership with our clients to understand their business, and how this information can be translated into a successful tender. We determine a strategy for responding to each requirement, and identify the sources of information to be supplied.

We develop a unique submission project plan for each tender, which identifies the pain points for the issuing agency and the corresponding win themes to be highlighted in the tender. This project management tool is the product of our considerable experience in producing winning submissions, and it has been refined over many years to be an invaluable asset in the competitive tender process.

Once we have sourced the initial information, we then review and refine each response, remedying any problems with the style, grammar, consistency and the suitability of the language for the intended audience.

We also identify potential gaps or omissions in the supplied material so that the final submission provides a clear solution that complies with the tender specification.

A competitive edge

Red Pony has helped produce winning submissions across all industry sectors. Our clients include information technology, healthcare, engineering and construction, finance, telecommunications and service industry providers.

These companies draw on Red Pony’s knowledge of the competitive tender process to leverage their own industry skills and expertise and produce successful tenders that contribute to their ongoing growth and overall success.

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